Splendette Bangle Size Chart

Bangle Size Guide

Just like our dress sizes are different, so are our wrist sizes. Splendette has 3 size bangles MAIDEN, CLASSIC and DUCHESS. Each size has a different sized wrist hole. The wrist hole is the diameter of the hole that your hand goes through


  • Wrist hole diameter of approximately¬†5.8cm. This size is for very petite wrist sizes. You can wear a stack of maidens alone or you can use a single maiden at the bottom of a stack of regular bangles to keep them on and this is why the maiden bangles don‚Äôt come in all designs.


  • Wrist hole diameter of¬†6.5cm.¬†and is the size that all designs will come in.


  • A wrist hole diameter of¬†7.5cm¬†means there‚Äôs just a bit extra space to get in there if you need it.

Bangle Terminology

Ok, so now we’ve covered the wrist hole sizes, we can look at the terminology you might see on the site.

When we refer to bangles as extra wide, wide, midi, narrow etc, this purely refers to the thickness (i.e. how far up your arm it goes) of the bangle. 

So that you can create your perfect, unique stack, Splendette like to create designs in different thicknesses, allowing you to go crazy and create to your heart’s content.